Zylkene for anxious dogs by Vetoquinol

Does your dog have problems during thunderstorms?  Does he or she display behavioral issues related to separation – either from you or your family, or from other dogs in the house?  Zylkene is an all natural product derived from milk proteins to help your anxious dog.  Unlike sedative medications, anti-depressants, and anxiolytics like Valium, there are almost no side effects related to Zylkene administration.  Many pets can really benefit from this new offering, and we have seen some really impressive results.  Let us know if you have a nervous-nelly in your house, and we can try to help!Zylkene


Sentinel Spectrum – Advanced parasite control by Novartis

Sentinel Spectrum is the latest offering in the Sentinel family of parasite control products.  It takes the proven efficacy and safety of Sentinel – monthly heartworm, intestinal worm, and flea prevention – and adds treatment for cestodes – tapeworms – in a tasty chewable treat.  If your dog has recurrent tapeworm issues, and you are tired of dealing with those “little grains of rice” around the rectum and in the bedding, call us to see if Sentinel Spectrum can help!http://goo.gl/MhfRB4





Apoquel – Control Itch in dogs from Zoetis

Apoquel is the first in a new class of medications to control itching in dogs with allergic disease.  It shows similar reduction in itch and skin inflammation to steriods without many of the adverse long term side effects.  If you have a dog suffering from allergic skin disease, call and set an appointment to ask us if this can become a part of making your pet more comfortable – and your life easier!  You can also post a question below, and we will answer shortly to share with everyone.  http://goo.gl/wXubgF



Apoquel by Zoetis


Update 5/2014 – Apoquel is EXTREMELY limited in availability due to Zoetis manufacturing issues.  We are no longer making new prescriptions for this product, and are trying to keep our current patients supplied.  Please call or email with any questions regarding this issue.  Thanks for your understanding.